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Navid Negahban was born and raised in Mashhad, Iran. His passion for acting led him to Germany, where he spent eight years honing his theatrical skills prior to arriving in the US. Navid has been building a strong resume ever since, playing a broad range of intriguing characters for film, theatre, and television. Navid has a powerful leading role in the stunning dramatic feature The Stoning of Soraya M., and significant supporting roles in Brothers with Tobey Maguire, directed by Jim Sheridan, Powder Blue with Jessica Biel and Forest Whitaker, and Charlie Wilson's War opposite Tom Hanks, directed by Mike Nichols. On TV, Navid had a recurring role on the eighth and final season of 24, and guest appearances include Lost, CSI: Miami, Law & Order, Covert Affairs, and NCIS: Los Angeles. Navid recently (2011) appeared as Dr. Robert Stadler in Atlas Shrugged Part 1. He also shot The Power of Few in New Orleans with Christopher Walken and Christian Slater. Navid is currently (2011/2012) playing the chilling Abu Nazir on Showtime's Homeland, with Damian Lewis and Claire Danes. Credit:  J. Bass  - Informacion recompilada por

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Fecha de Nacimiento:
Jun 2, 1968
Actuaciones conocidas:
Primera actuacion en:
series Tatort 1970-11-29
Última actuacion en:
Película Online 12 valientes 2018-01-16
Actuaciones destacadas de Navid Negahban
Navid Negahban actuacion en The Moment
Navid Negahban actuacion en Atlas Shrugged: Part I
Navid Negahban actuacion en Brothers (Hermanos)
Navid Negahban actuacion en El mentalista

Filmografia completa - Navid Negahban
Tipo Titulo Personaje Estreno
Película Online 12 valientes - Navid Negahban General Dostum 2018-01-16
Película Online American Assassin - Navid Negahban Minister Behurz 2017-09-14
Película Online Castillo de arena - Navid Negahban Kadeer 2017-04-21
Película Online Unknown - Navid Negahban Dr. Najjar 2017-02-22
Película Online Damascus Cover - Navid Negahban Sarraj 2017-01-28
Película Online Window Horses: The Poetic Persian Epiphany of Rosie Ming - Navid Negahban Mehran 2016-06-13
Película Online Jimmy Vestvood: Amerikan Hero - Navid Negahban Mohammad Mohammad-Mohammadi 2016-03-13
Película Online Baba Joon - Navid Negahban Itzhak 2015-09-10
Película Online Day One - Navid Negahban Dr. Nasir 2015-02-27
Película Online El francotirador - Navid Negahban Sheikh Al-Obeidi 2014-12-11
Serie Online Scorpion - Navid Negahban Agent Khara 2014-09-22
Película Online The Moment - Navid Negahban Malik Jamil 2013-04-21
Película Online Lecciones de amor - Navid Negahban Rashid 2013-09-06
Serie Online Homeland - Navid Negahban Abu Nazir 2011-10-02
Película Online Atlas Shrugged: Part I - Navid Negahban Dr. Robert Stadler 2011-04-14
Película Online Dead Air - Navid Negahban Abir 2009-10-27
Película Online Diplomacy - Navid Negahban Iranian Foreign Minister 2009-07-10
Película Online Powder Blue - Navid Negahban Doctor Brooks 2009-05-08
Película Online Brothers (Hermanos) - Navid Negahban Murad 2009-01-27
Película Online Stellina Blue - Navid Negahban Amir Keshavarz 2009-01-01
Película Online Dead Space - Navid Negahban Dr. Challus Mercer (voice) 2008-10-24
Serie Online El mentalista - Navid Negahban Hassan Zarif 2008-09-23
Película Online La verdad de Soraya M. - Navid Negahban Ali 2008-09-07
Película Online Ammón el Destructor - Navid Negahban Ammon 2005-05-14
Serie Online Tatort - Navid Negahban Harun 1970-11-29

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